Jeffrey MacDonald talking to the media after being cleared of his murder charges, looking at the large amount of letters of support that he received.

Jeffrey MacDonald at his 1970 trail where he was originally acquitted. The bottom photos are him with his lawyer’s son and him with his mother. 

Jeffrey MacDonald claimed that the gang of “drug crazed hippies” that attacked him and killed his family consisted of all men and one blonde woman in a white floppy hat. This is a police sketch of the supposed assailant. 

Pictured above is Jeffrey R. MacDonald being escorted to a funeral service for his wife and young daughters. Jeffrey Richard MacDonald, an army officer and doctor, murdered his pregnant wife and their two young children and blamed it on a Manson Family like “gang of hippies”. The murders occurred in 1970 in his home on Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He managed to evade conviction until 1979, when he was sentenced to life, with two charges of 2nd degree murder and one charge of 1st degree murder. 

His wife was found on the floor of their bedroom beaten to death (both of her arms were broken), stabbed 37 times (21 times with an ice pick and 16 times with a knife), and on the bed’s headboard “pig” was written in blood. His 5 year old daughter, whom was found in her bed, was also beaten and had been stabbed 8-10 times in the neck. His two year old was found in her bed also, and had been stabbed 33 times with a knife and 15 times with an ice pick. When military police arrived he was found lying close to his wife, he had been mildly beaten and had a few cuts and bruises along with a mild concussion. He also had one stab wound described as “clean, small, and sharp” that collapsed his left lung. This all later turned out to be self inflicted and a bad attempted to make it look life he was also a victim of the brutal attacks.

"The army’s Criminal Investigation Division (C.I.D.) did not believe MacDonald’s version of events. As they studied the physical evidence, they found it did not seem to support the story told by MacDonald. The living room, where MacDonald had supposedly fought for his life against three armed assailants, showed little signs of a struggle apart from an overturned coffee table and knocked over flower plant. Fibers from MacDonald’s torn pajama top were not found in the living room, where he claimed it was torn. Instead, fibers from the pajama top were found under Colette’s body and in Kimberley and Kristen’s bedrooms. One fiber was found under Kristen’s fingernail. The murder weapons were found outside the back door. They were a kitchen knife, an ice pick, and a 3-foot long piece of lumber; all three were determined to have come from the MacDonald house. The tips of surgical gloves were found beneath the headboard where "pig" was written in blood; they were identical in composition to a supply MacDonald kept in the kitchen. The MacDonald family all had different blood types — a statistical anomaly that was used to track what had happened in the apartment.

Investigators theorized that a fight began in the master bedroom between MacDonald and his wife, Colette, who possibly argued over Kristen’s wetting MacDonald’s side of the bed while sleeping there. Investigators speculated that Colette probably hit her husband on the forehead with a hairbrush, which resulted in his head wound. As MacDonald retaliated by beating her with a piece of lumber, Kimberley — whose brain serum was found in the doorway — may have walked in after hearing the commotion and was struck at least once on the head, possibly by accident. Believing Colette dead, MacDonald carried the mortally wounded Kimberley back to her bedroom. After stabbing Kimberley (whose blood was discovered on the pajama top MacDonald said he had not been wearing while in her room), he went to Kristen’s room, intent on disposing of the last remaining potential witness. Before he could do so, Colette — whose blood was found on Kristen’s bed covers and on one wall of the room — apparently regained consciousness, stumbled in, and threw herself over her daughter. After killing both of them, MacDonald wrapped his wife’s body in a sheet and carried it back to the master bedroom, leaving a smudged footprint of Colette’s blood on his way out of Kristen’s bedroom.

C.I.D. investigators then theorized that MacDonald attempted to cover up the murders, using articles on the Manson Family murders that he’d found in an issue of Esquire in the living room. He then took a scalpel blade from a supply in the hallway closet, went to the adjacent bathroom, and stabbed himself once. Putting on surgical gloves from his supply, he went to the master bedroom, where he used Colette’s blood to write “pig” on the headboard. Finally, he laid his torn pajama top over the dead Colette and repeatedly stabbed her in the chest with an ice pick. MacDonald used the telephone to summon an ambulance, discarded the weapons out the back door, and lay by the body of his wife while he waited for the military police to arrive.”

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