Волк в овечьей шкуре
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Fake “Wanted” poster for Lolita


The room in which Tsar Nicholas II and the rest of the Romanovs were murdered during the Bolshevik Revolution on July 17, 1918 -


British soldier takes tea to comrades working to repair banks of River Ravensbourne which flooded south London, 1939 (via

“The concept of hell and endless torment is popular with those who believe they aren’t headed there.”

Ian Brady, serial killer. (via villainous-murderers)

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Nathan Leopold was a genius with an IQ of 210. He spoke his first words at the age of four months. At the age of 19,  he had already completed an undergraduate degree at the University of Chicago, graduating Phi Beta Kappa, and was attending law school at the University of Chicago. He claimed to have been able to speak 27 languages fluently. 


“Jew Hunter? Just a name that stuck.”


You make me sad, happy and angry all at the same time.


German sniper using the Mauser 98k rifle with Russian PE scope mounted, near Stalingrad September 1942.

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