Soviet soldiers speak with children liberated from Auschwitz, 1945. [x]


Russian soldiers duck as tanks pass over them, WWII.


Afton Burton and Charles Manson

Afton Burton (26) began secretly writing to him in his California jail cell and moved to be near him when she was 18 and Afton now plans to marry Manson.

Jahar or Walt Jr.?

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Top: Gerald Gallego Sr.

In 1954 he shot 2 police officers on separate occasions because of a previous beating he had taken by police officers. Before the killings he has served time in San Quentin and was paroled, released, and paroled again. He then fled to California and ended up in Mississippi where he shot the officers. The first officer he over-powered, disarmed and kidnapped only to be found days later killed by his own gun. As for the second officer, Gerald and another inmate escaped from jail while being held for court and when the officer got in the way, threw acid disinfectant in his eyes and beat him - he died 4 days later, the same day he was captured. He became the first person to die by gas chamber in Mississippi, which did not go smoothly. 

Bottom: Gerald Gallego Jr.

Gerald ended up murdering 10 young girls with his wife Charlene between 1978 and 1980. Before shooting, beating or stabbing he would keep the young girls as sex slaves. Gerald had never met his father, his mother (who was a prostitute) told him that his father died in a accident. 

Like father, like son.

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